Thermal imaging in home inspections is a technology that some inspectors use to provide more insight about a house’s condition. As a homebuyer, you may wonder why you should use a home inspector with that capability. Here are some examples of what thermal imaging does and how it can improve home inspections.

Check Heating & Cooling Efficiency With Thermal Imaging

A well-sealed home is important for heating and cooling efficiency. If there are gaps around windows and doors, areas with missing insulation, or other areas of air leakage, even the best HVAC system will use more energy than it needs to.

Thermal imaging equipment displays differences in temperatures the way regular cameras show differences in light. A home inspector can use thermal imaging in home inspections to locate areas that need to be sealed.

Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections Can Detect Electrical Issues

Electrical problems can cause house fires. Visual inspections of outlets, switches, breakers, and appliances provide some information, but thermal imaging can reveal more.

The camera will detect hot areas behind walls. These areas of warmth can indicate places where electrical components are overheating. Thermal imaging in home inspections can identify electrical hot spots in a way that other modes of inspection can’t.

Moisture Management

Another problem that can sneak up on homeowners is moisture in the home. Water fosters mold, supports termite infestations, and rots structural components. It is important to identify damp areas before the problem worsens.

Thermal imaging displays temperature differences caused by moisture, giving the inspector reason to investigate further. It may be a simple issue that is easy to fix, but it may also detect a bigger concern that you should know about before buying the house.

You want to be aware of issues that affect the use and upkeep of the house before making a purchase. Hire a home inspector who uses thermal imaging for a more thorough inspection report.

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