Benefits to Realtors of a Pre-listing Home Inspection

A pre-listing home inspection can benefit the sellers’ listing agents. Although not required, sellers sometimes get a home inspection before listing their home to avoid unexpected problems that may arise during the real estate transaction. There could be unknown issues and problems in your home that could stop a sale right in its tracks – regardless of how well you or your realtor think that they know your home. There are a few important benefits of a pre-listing home inspection for realtors.  

pre listing home inspection

1. It helps realtors market the home.

InterNACHI explained that when a pre-listing inspection shows there are no issues, realtors can use this as a marketing tool to help the agent sell the home and attract buyers by showing the home is pre inspected.

2. It helps the sellers appreciate the realtors – and it may even legally protect them 

Realtors are obligated to act in the best interest of their clients. Failing to discuss the option of conducting a pre-listing inspection is not consistent with the best interests of their client, the seller. A seller can lose time and money by not having a pre-listing inspection conducted. The seller may in turn blame the agent for not having suggested doing so. Sellers will appreciate a realtors who took the time to discuss a pre-listing home inspection.

3. A pre-listing inspection helps the seller’s realtor smoothly broker a deal. 

When a buyer and seller enter into negotiations following a buyer’s home inspection, the realtors usually has to figure out repair costs and schedule repairs quite rapidly. A pre-listing inspection allows for time so that all repairs or negotiations can happen well in advance, eliminating a last minute rush. The deal will go smoother and is more likely to go through to completion.

“Time is of the essence in contracts, and scrambling to find reasonable bids for repairs may leave my seller with no option other than to offer funds to the buyer at the close of escrow,” Robert MacFarlane, a real estate broker in San Diego said.  

Sellers may end up spending a few hundred dollars when choosing to conduct a pre-listing home inspection, but in the end it could potentially save them thousands, it can also help the sellers more accurately price their homes. It will also ensure a trustworthy and honest relationship between the seller and their agent.

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